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The Good-Service Test – How to Instantly Tell if You’re Going to Get Good Service

So this little litmus test for finding out instantly if you’re going to get a good service from a business actually stems from a serious look we took into the world of online businesses and income opportunities, most of which as you might know promise a whole lot but grossly under-deliver. Since business in the online space really is just an extension of business practices and principles as they exist in the physical world, it wasn’t long before we realised that we could apply the same good-service litmus test to any “offline” offering in addition to the many opportunities floating around cyberspace. … read more

Preparing Your Online Business for Scaling Challenges

It’s a dream all online entrepreneurs have, that of one day waking up to what is now the reality of some insane sales figures which you perhaps partially dreamed of and partially believed could actually be attained, with this belief instantly instilled in your mind the very moment you made your first ever sale. That’s the advantage e-commerce sites give you – the ability to get the ball rolling with a whole lot less of the overheads you’d otherwise be faced with if you were opening the doors to your physical, brick-and-mortar store. … read more

9 ways to decrease your personal expenditure

We all know how easy it is to see our hard earned money wither away just days after payday. For the most of us, having at least some kind of budget in place is essential to maintain a good quality of life all month round. Living for payday really isn’t the way to be, especially when that means that having your last week of the month living almost in poverty. Given the average UK wage, it is more than possible to live a comfortable life, but we tend to waste an unreal amount of money on things we really don’t need, nor do we really want that much: it just happens in the spur of the moment. Following this guide you’ll be able to reduce your average monthly expenditure without seeing any drastic changes to the way you actually live. … read more

Deciphering Types of Gas

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the types of gas offered at your neighborhood gas station? Of course you probably always use one, single type. Your car’s owner’s manual probably even spells out for you what type that should be. But who uses those other types, you might wonder. … read more

How Brand New Businesses Can Make a Good Impression

So you’ve been through the whole process of identifying a gap in the market, registered your business, gotten your website up-and-running and you may have even gotten into your chosen business as a result of some pre-launch clients you managed to land, but now things are getting real and you realise that the real work has only just started. How do you go about making a good impression as a brand new business which is undoubtedly entering into a stiff, stiff market? … read more

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