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If the Bank Says No, It Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Your Business Idea is Bad

It’s one thing if you’ve identified a gap in the market and pursuing a business to fill that gap is somewhat of no-brainer, but it’s another thing altogether if you’re an eager entrepreneur with something that’s as close to an original idea is ideas get these days. Whatever your idea to generate profits may be in the case of an entrepreneur, chances are its blueprint isn’t like anything the banks are used to seeing and so they’d likely give you a really hard time about lending you the money to fund your venture. … read more

Common Business Risks & How To Minimize Them

No matter what the size of your business is, there is always some risk regarding product management, selling, and growth. While most people think, running a business is a fickle and nothing is truly set in stone, there are some possible ways through which you can identify and protect your business. … read more

How to make your office unique

With the cost of payroll and when it comes to attracting and retaining staff, good office design and a well fitted and kitted out office have never been so important. When it comes to making the difference to the success or failure of your company, bespoke office design and furniture couldn’t be more important. The world’s leading businesses (think Apple, Google and Facebook) all understand this and spend a significant amount of time and money ensuring that their offices are designed and fitted out in a way that supports and enhances their company and working environment. It’s time to transform your office space and see what a few tweaks and alterations can do for the productivity of your company. … read more

How have European businesses evolved?

Professional services and businesses are undergoing a profound transformation.  Markets are changing and the old ways of business are becoming obsolete. We are now seeing that the professional services customers are paying for are becoming sophisticated and more discerning. As well as this, with technology advancing with each passing day, digital technology has now transformed virtually every industry, affecting the way companies serves customers, manufacture products, interact with stakeholders, manage operations and engage their workforce. … read more

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