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Why Most People Just Can’t Crack the Online Money-Making Game

“Make money online” is probably still the most searched phrase processed by the major search engines, yet this search probably still has the least amount of relevant results. In fact, the mere act of typing this phrase into a search engine already stacks the odds of any success against you because this approach puts you on the other side of the “make money online” fence, so to speak. If you search for ways through which to make money online by Googling this phrase, chances are the guys who really make money online make money off of people like you! … read more

Yorkshire Water’s Repair and Maintenance Project Extended in £250m Deal

About Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water in the Yorkshire region, supplying around 1.24 billion litres of drinking water to more than 5 million people per day. The company employs 2, 500 colleagues and relies on an extensive network of over 700 treatment works, 130 reservoirs and 62, 000 miles of mains to transport water around the whole county. This is achieved through their use of a unique grid system. In order for such a complex system to be kept working effectively, the company has to constantly pour investments into it, which is the reason behind their injection of £3.8 billion back into the local economy between 2015 and 2020. Yorkshire Water is more than just a water company though — they’re also the second largest land owner in Yorkshire with 80, 000 acres of land, to which they welcome thousands of visitors to come and enjoy some of the most scenic spots found anywhere in Yorkshire each year. The company’s vision is “taking care of the water environment for good” and they’re justifiably delighted to be awarded platinum status in the Business in Community environment index for their work in the area. … read more

The Internet and the Law

The wired world that is the internet can be a very anonymous place for those who chose to operate behind the veil of their computer screens and as many internet marketers like to say, you really can be anything and anyone you choose to be online. The way in which some internet users choose to be anonymous online isn’t quite in line with the law however, which brings into focus the internet, law and how the law applies to the internet. … read more

Should Squash Be In The Olympics?

There’s a chance you’re reading this and surprised to find out that squash isn’t already an Olympic game. However, the sport has been regularly featured at the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games since 1998. Squash has also been a regular sport at the Pan American Games since 1995. Professional squash players and associations have lobbied for many years for the sport to be accepted into the Olympic Games, sadly with no success so far. The game narrowly missed out of being instated for the 2012 London games and for the 2016 Rio games missed out to golf and rugby sevens. For the 2020 Olympic Games squash missed out to wrestling and now have their sights set on being accepted for the 2024 games. … read more

Starting a Profitable Web-Based Business

While starting an online business is perhaps the easiest way you can get into business, it’s definitely not the easiest way to start a profitable business. If you have the right set of skills or you know the right people with the required set of skills, you can have an entire e-commerce site up within a matter of weeks or even a couple of days. Whether it’s going to be a profitable e-commerce website is another story altogether. … read more

Making Money Online and Risk

When people are asked about making money online, the will be asked – Is it worth the risk? Making money online is always going to carry some risks, if only in the technical sense. People who depend on the Internet entirely for work can find that their entire livelihood can be cut off from them as a result of a simple power outage, which is the sort of thing that will be mildly frustrating to some people and devastating to others. However, certain online jobs are much riskier than others. It is possible for people to find online jobs that are relatively safe today. People can find online jobs that are more or less as safe as the jobs that would meet in person, with full benefits and everything. However, there are also online jobs that come with much larger risks attached. … read more

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