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Hiring a nanny versus daycare

For those with children, or couples planning to have a baby in the future, one of the areas of thought will be who will care for them when you return to work. With it being the norm these days that both parents work, it’s often not an option for one to stay at home to be the full time carer. The options then are hiring a nanny or daycare and it’s something to really talk about in detail. … read more

3 Benefits of a Company Car

It’s no secret that running a car is expensive, and it seems like the costs are constantly going up. There’s the price of insurance, road tax and the annual MOT; throw extra payments for repairs and maintenance and you realise just how much your car eats into your finances. Of course, there are always ways to save money when it comes to buying a car, including the company car. … read more

Why you can not avoid youtube marketing

The use of video marketing is an effective and affordable strategy that allows any company or business even independent entrepreneurs promote their products or services using the video over the network. And, most importantly, make them known to millions of people worldwide. … read more

How 5 industries went into liquidation because of the internet

Businesses big or small have found the internet to be either their friend or foe. It really depends on whether they found a way to embrace it and learnt how to make it work for them, or if they found it confusing and too complicated. This can lead to businesses getting into debt and also losing out to their competitors who’ve learnt how to embrace the net. With the global reach of the internet, some businesses have learnt to swim and have been able to pay HMRC and PAYE on time rather than falling into business debt. While others have struggled with debt, going on to liquidation and the dreaded scenario of winding up a company. … read more

Why the Outsourcing Bubble Will Never Burst

The practice of outsourcing in the business world probably dates right back to the period around which a standardised monetary system was globally adopted for trade. It repeatedly proves to be much more economically viable to outsource the production and procurement of certain products and services as a means through which to either cut production and running costs, or to simply save time while increasing profit margins. … read more

Holograms are Changing Society, One Person at a Time

Even though holographic technology is only just emerging, it’s already changing lives.


Image by Bertrand Duperrin via Flickr

Even though holographic technology is only just emerging, its footprint can be found everywhere. From museums to dance clubs, you may not have noticed it but holograms have already hit the mainstream. After all, if you’re able to see real-time interactive holograms while stepping to drum and bass at your local night club, I think it’s pretty safe to say that people are already saying “I remember holograms before they were cool”. … read more

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