Best Places To Hold A Business Trip In The USA

Best Places To Hold A Business Trip In The USA

No matter how much you enjoy or love your job, I think we can agree that it’s always that little more fun to work away from your desk every now and again. If you’re seeking to make your working week a bit more exciting and want a break from the monotony of sitting in your usual office, it may be time to hold a business trip abroad. When it comes to business travel, there are some cities and places in the world that are better suited. It is, however, recommended that you make reservations for transportation and accommodations in advance. That said, it can be a lot easier to travel for business when you have a private jet from Jettly at your disposal. Cases like this may relieve you of the stress of flight timings and many other concerns. When it comes to business, the USA is an easy contender for hosting a trip away due to the lack of language barrier and strong trade links. We have factored in all aspects of business travel, with everything from cost of travel to cultural opportunities (it doesn’t have to be all work and no play!) and have created a list of the best travel destinations in the USA.


Phoenix has a very strong technology industry as well as being blessed with endless sunshine and the opportunity to experience its rich culture and arts scene in between working. And, if you have that little extra downtime, the outskirts of the city allow for some fabulous hiking opportunities too!

Salt Lake City

When it comes to all things nature, Salt Lake City is the ideal destination for business. The city has a long standing reputation for being the place in the country to visit when it comes to computing, tech and outdoor retail. With the possibility of being able to ski and hike on your days off, Salt Lake City has to be an exciting choice to hold your next business meeting. You can even make use of sites like SLC Top 10 to help you learn about the various places you could go whilst in the city.


Louisville has grown to be a hot-spot for healthcare in recent times and you will find that many of the world’s large medical science companies are based here. Louisville is also full of exciting things to see when you are off the clock- from fireworks displays to wicked nightlife- ensuring you are always in for a good time.


Denver is home to some of the leading and rapidly expanding communication and technology companies and is also leading in the mining industry. Its thriving arts scene and performing arts centre are bound to keep you occupied on days off too.

West Palm Beach

The city of West Palm Beach is home to a wide range of new marketing and networking opportunities alongside being great for tech and start-ups. West Palm Beach is always bustling, so whether you’re after a classic cars show or film festival, there is always something to get you excited.

North Carolina

North Carolina, located in the southeastern region of the United States, offers a variety of attractive destinations for business trips. With its diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and thriving business communities, North Carolina is a prime location to hold a successful business trip. Just book your stay in a heritage hotel like this Chapel Hill NC Hotel, and you’ll be able to explore the state while reaping the benefits of modern amenities and luxury.


Chicago certainly offers some exciting opportunities when it comes to business travel. The Midwest is home to incredibly diverse tech industries, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and various media industries. This second city is ideal when working and playing as it has ample sporting teams and a lively arts scene.

It’s important to remember to get an ESTA before going to the states as it grants you entry into the country without the hassle of having to obtain a visa.

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