Best un-commercialised cities to work in

Best un-commercialised cities to work in

Most cities now days are heavily commercialised, wherever you go, there is always some sort of advertisement or commercial offering. For most, it doesn’t really bother people, yet for some, it can become quite overwhelming and effect your life in and out of work. Unfortunately, that’s the way the entire world is evolving into. Advertisement has become an important asset to the economy and it will get bigger and more presentable in our society. However, fear not, because in this list, you’ll discover the best un-commercialised cities to work in, which will keep you concentrated on your work rather the commercial distractions. If you are looking to relocate and searching for office’s to rent, then should look at the commercial property for rent website because you’ll discover the best offices to rent across the UK.


A city containing a population of 145,818 is a very nice place to work in, it’s quite big but isn’t’ engulfed with the heavy commercialised environment. The city is beautiful and the people are rather friendly. The median base salary is £35,000 and the average home value is set at £436,93. This is an attractive place to work in and has contains lovely villages around the city if you wanted to commute. The hot jobs on offer there are engineering, chef work and sales.

Milton Keynes

The location is pretty handy as you’re a couple of hours from London and not that from northern England if you had reasons to travel up north. The population consists of 171,750 and has a median base salary of £36,000 which is a higher average than Cambridge and has a cheaper average home value than Cambridge with an average value of £292.692. The hot jobs on offer there are management, consulting and store managers.


Another beautiful city to feature on this list, with a population of 289,301 the city offers a good nightlife for those stressful days at work and offers attractive architectural buildings. The city has an average base salary of £27,814, so lower than the previous too, yet this is a good city to start your career and the average home value is only £181,974


Just a stone’s throw away from London, Reading is a very convenient city to live in, your close to the other major cites just with less of the commercialisation. The city hosts a population of 218,705 with a high median base salary of £43,000. However, with the high wage cap come’s the high home value. The average home value ranges around £430,503 so Reading maybe a good city to work in once you have hit that mid-senior level. The common jobs on offer are: sales associate, sales representatives and technical engineers.


Considered big rivals with Cambridge, Oxford is also a low key – calm city to work in. The population consists of 159,994 and has a base salary of £32,00. There’s a lot to do in this city and again, not that far from the capital. Very scenic, the average home value consists of £502,452 and offers jobs such as banking advisors, project managers and research scientist.

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