Can You Really Earn a Living Doing What You Love?

Can You Really Earn a Living Doing What You Love?

Well, addressing the question of whether or not you really can earn a living doing what you love from a technical point of view only has one answer, which is “yes,” but perhaps the more pertinent question to ask is how do you go about doing so? Additionally, should you even seek to try and make money doing something you supposedly love? Is it a good idea at all to try and “monetise” your passion, as this practice is commonly referred to?

Based on the experiences of many people who have expressly sought to earn a living doing something they supposedly love, the suggestion is that it’s perhaps not best to seek to do so in this way. Don’t identify a passion area as something through which you want to make your money, unless of course you’re already doing so and if you started doing so very early on in your life.

The exploits of someone like professional athlete come to mind as a great example through which to drive the point home in that a pro athlete usually discovers their exceptional ability very early on in their lives and then goes on to dedicate a huge chunk of their lives honing their skills to the level that they can compete professionally. Be that as it may, it’s hard to imagine that a long-distance runner’s one true passion in life is running long distances. That brings into focus another aspect of the dream of trying to monetise one’s passion and earning money doing what you supposedly love doing.

Taking into account some of the commonly touted ways through which to perhaps monetise one’s passion, these common suggestions are fundamentally flawed because what you get is some encouragement to find your niche in some or other way and then possibly sell some products and services around that niche. What you’re doing in this instance is not really pursuing your passion, but rather making your money selling stuff!

Of course there is a much more “interlinked” way of doing that on the other hand, such as actually using and perhaps even reviewing some of the products and services you sell around your interest. For example, if you’re an avid hunter and all you want to do in your life is go hunting, all day, every day, it would make perfect sense for you to perhaps test out hunting gear, shoot videos of yourself doing so and then perhaps selling some of that gear as an affiliate.

So basically it’s like this – if you want to earn a living doing what you love, first immerse yourself in whatever it is you love without thinking about the money. If you enjoy gambling for example, you would have a lot of fun at Energy Casino regardless of the fact that you can make some good money as a semi-pro or fully professional gambler who spends a lot of time researching gambling strategies and analysing the odds to give yourself the best chance of winning with each bet you place.

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