Christmas Gifts for coworkers

Christmas Gifts for coworkers

Some coworkers jump at the opportunity to get creative for their office secret Santa while others need a lot of help to come up with a decent idea. Finding a great gift for someone you know well can already be a difficult task. This task gets even more difficult when the Christmas gift is for a coworker you are less familiar with. There is also the question of how personal the gift should be. Would you give a coworker the same gift you would give your friend? Many people opt for basic gifts and look at websites like eBay to do this, after all, you don’t want to be spending a fortune on a colleague gift when you have everything else to afford over Christmas. It might be worth your while to get coupons from companies like Raise to save even more money on eBay products.

This extensive but compact list has some great gift ideas to help you find a suitable gift for your coworker so you can go to the secret Santa office party to have fun instead of over-thinking the gift.

Practical Gifts for in the Office

For when you would like to give your coworker a useful gift for daily use in the office.

  1. Screen Cleaning Cloths

We are constantly in front of screens and touching screens. Help your coworker keep her screens clean and hygienic with a set of screen cleaning cloths.

  1. Lunch Box

Upgrade your coworker’s lunch with a reusable lunch box. Trendy and environmentally friendly.

  1. Colourful Pens

Pens are the easiest thing to lose. Give your coworker an arsenal of recognizable pens so he will always have one handy.

  1. Travel Tumbler

For coworkers that have a long commute in the morning, giving them the gift of coffee on-the-go is sure to give their day a bright start.

  1. Journal

Having an office jobs means taking notes and keeping schedules. Help your coworker start the new year organised with an original journal.

  1. Cord Keepers

A set of cord keepers to keep all the wires from tangling into a disastrous ball. Sounds like a lifesaver.

Fun Gifts to Take Home

It may be the office secret Santa but the Christmas gifts can go beyond that.

  1. Loose Leaf Tea

There is something about loose leaf tea that gives you extra satisfaction from your cuppa. Upgrade your coworkers hot drink with a selection of fine loose leaf tea.

  1. Gourmet Christmas Basket

Special foods are always a much appreciated gift. A gourmet basket is Christmas gifts for coworkers made easy.

  1. Soft Socks

Showing off your socks is cool again. Give your male coworker a classic pair for his suit or your female coworker a funky pair for her winter outfit.

  1. Wine

A delicious bottle of wine from Winesub and similar wine shops, can be a very thoughtful gift to give your coworkers on Christmas. Drinking some wine can help them unwind and relax during the holiday season. Additionally, they can share a delightful toast with family and friends, making it a great gift overall.

  1. Adult Colouring Book

After a busy day at work, we all need to wind down. Give your coworker a gift that will soothe his mind with an adult colouring book.

  1. Travel Game

Travel games are a great gift for anyone because it is something we tend to forget to buy ourselves. Especially thoughtful if your coworker is going on a trip during the holiday season.

  1. House Plant

Winter can be a little dull. Give your coworker a bit of green and colour that will keep for long after Christmas.

For this year’s office secret Santa, go ahead and have a little fun with your gift ideas.

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