Colours vs Logos: Which Should You Use for Your Corporate Ties?

Colours vs Logos: Which Should You Use for Your Corporate Ties?

There’s a lot of things to consider when you’re choosing your corporate ties, but one thing seems to prove particularly difficult: should you stick with just company colours or also add in your corporate logo?

There’s no definitive right answer, but you should consider the relative benefits of each option before you make your decision. Read on to do just that.

Why Should You Include the Logo?

Probably the most compelling reason to add a logo to your corporate ties is that this will make them immediately distinctive. Your company colours are never going to be quite as unique or easy to recognise, so logos are perfect if you never want your ties to be confused for anything less than a distinct part of your company.

Ties with logos also arguably look a little more upscale than ties that only use colours, probably because including a logo tends to add a little to the price. If you want to impress customers and clients with a luxurious atmosphere, outfitting your ties with your corporate logo is going to help.

Why Should You Stick with Just Colours?

Since you can’t really cover the entire expanse of your corporate ties with logos, you’re going to need to choose at least one colour in any case. So the first reason to stick with just colours is that this is a choice that you’re going to need to make anyway, but that’s not the only benefit they have on their side.

Colours are a lot subtler than logos. It could be that subtle isn’t exactly what you’re after, but you may also find it nicer for ties to look a little more natural and subdued. Choosing a simple block company colour will do just that. Colours also create a fuller sense of uniformity and can be combined with a greater array of clothing styles. While logos are more distinctive, they can’t be seen from far away, but colours can. If you need your staff to be easily picked out from afar, going only with one or two colours can help.

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