Crunching The Numbers With Adam Green CPA

Crunching The Numbers With Adam Green CPA

Numbers are something that most will not get too excited about after all, two plus two does equal four, but where do you go from there?  Knowing how to count and having the ability to do basic math can come in handy in certain situations even with the calculator on that smartphone. So why talk about numbers? Well for one, getting paid for a job is something where numbers become important to many. The other time when numbers become a hot topic is during tax time, because of all the changes that occur in our tax system, which could result in huge problem’s if crucial mistakes are made.        


People who make a living with numbers are accountants and CPA’s, they are the ones that will prepare the tax returns which will be sent to the states and the federal government with the hope that a refund will be on its way.  Adam Greene CPA  is one who works with numbers, he lives and works in Melville, NY, he went to Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY where he graduated in 1985 with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration while focusing on Accounting.

In 1986, he joined Green & Company LLP in Melville, NY, where he now serves as a Partner of the company and yes he also lives in Melville, NY with his two sons. The philosophy that he and his team share is to provide special attention to each of their clients while focusing on each of their business needs. Being a smaller firm, they were able to develop over the years, long lasting and trusting relationships with many of their clients which to Adam is an important part of doing business.

For Greene & Company LLP, Adam handles financial statement preparation, manages client relations along with a variety of tax programs. He is involved in any financial matters that may be the result of divorce settlements, litigation. mergers and acquisitions and buy-sell agreements. To help their clients be better equipped to understand the basics of taxes his firm provides them with helpful tools such as links to the firm’s website where each client will have access to Social Security resources, all types of forms and publications as well as access to tax calculators. The logic being if the client becomes more knowledgeable, they will be able to make their life easier and allow the firm to help them in a more efficient manner.

Adam Green CPA and his firm also provide other services such as tax and financial planning, business valuations, preparing tax returns, auditing, and payroll services. Adam is also very active in his community by coaching little league in various sports which some that his two sons play in. He is also involved in the Melville Civic Association where he is a member, which keeps the local residents alerted of community meetings and issues.

He also takes the time to work out, whether at the gym or playing sports such as football, baseball and golf. Charities play an important in his life as well where he provides his time and his money for causes he believes in. Adam is the kind of guy who works hard, cares about people and always tries to do the right thing.

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