How to budget when planning a day out to an event

How to budget when planning a day out to an event

Planning a day out to an event may seem like an expensive and daunting task, but there are many ways to make it easy to do on a budget. Budget management is an essential part of planning a day out to an event, particularly if you can’t afford to splash out and not worry about the financial implications. Looking at aspects of a day out such as travel, food and drink and the option of all-inclusive hospitality events both at home and abroad, there are a number of ways to budget when planning a day out to an event.


All Inclusive Events

The easiest way to budget when you’re planning a day out to an event is to look for hospitality packages such as Monaco Grand Prix hospitality. These often include food and drink, and sometimes also include travel and accommodation, with each hospitality package differing slightly in what they offer. Although these hospitality packages may seem like the most expensive option at first, they do actually end up saving you money compared to what you would spend on food, drink, travel and general admission. These hospitality packages also allow you to enjoy the event in style, often with chances to upgrade views and dining options so the event can be enjoyed in luxury. All inclusive hospitality events are available with multiple viewing, dining, accommodation and travel options and so are customisable to suit a range of budgets. These complete, all inclusive packages are an instant money saver if the best deals are sought after.


Being selective about travel options is also another way to ensure you budget well when you’re planning a day out to an event. For trips abroad, all-inclusive packages such as Monaco Grand Prix hospitality can provide some of the best travel deals along with an ultimate experience. Some hospitality packages even offer same-day returns to the event abroad which may be perfect for businessmen or people with families that they need to get back to. However, if you’re travelling domestically, travelling by train or car may be the best option. If you’re booking early, you can often get deals on your travel, particularly if travelling by train. However, if you’re travelling from one end of the country to the other, then domestic flights are available, which may work out cheaper depending on how far in advance they are booked.

Food & Drink

The best way to budget your food and drink, when planning a day out to an event, is through a hospitality package that includes various dining options. However, if you’re not looking to invest in the hospitality experience, then there are various other ways to budget your food and drink. Quite often at events, food and drink can be expensive, so it is often recommended to eat before and after outside of the event complex. It is important to budget a certain amount that you want to spend on food and drink, so you can choose the best Japanese Restaurant New York City (or any other cuisine of your choice), cafes and bars to suit your budget. Some travel tickets can give you discounts such as 2 for 1, on selected restaurants and bars. This may be the perfect way to combine food and drink with your travel budget. Other ways to budget, particularly if on a strict budget would be to replace alcohol with soft drinks or water and to cut down on snacks during the day, instead focussing on filling foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other Expenses

It is always important to factor in other expenses such as medical supplies, snacks and other contingency outgoings that may crop up – such as if you’ve missed a train or flight, or need extra fuel for a car. All of this is important to consider as no matter how prepared you might feel, there’s always the possibility that something unexpected may happen. Setting aside a small amount of money to cover any unexpected expenses as an emergency fund is always important. There’s a possibility that you may not have to touch this fund whatsoever, but being prepared for the unexpected is always important to factor into your budget.

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