How to Create a Safer and More Efficient Warehousing Environment

How to Create a Safer and More Efficient Warehousing Environment


Every warehouse out there will vary in size and purpose. Some small business can store their entire inventory in their own home garage, while larger companies will require areas that range in the thousands of square feet. Whatever situation best describes your current setup, one thing both have in common is a need for certain equipment. With a new year approaching, this could be the time upgrade some of the older and less effective pieces of machinery you have. You may be surprised just how much it could boost your productivity.

Increasing Efficiency

The most common piece of equipment in these kinds of settings are pallet trucks. Suppliers like Handling Equipment Online stock a wide range of units, from hand trucks to unit lifters. Their main job is to help you transport items around the warehouse floor more easily. While traditionally these were manually operated, there are now fully automated units. Upgrading to mechanized units can help to make the whole process simpler and more efficient. Similarly, you should look to organize your warehouse more efficiently whenever possible. Extra shelving and containers will increase your storage options while tape dispensers, identification stickers, and cutting knives will all reduce the amount of time it takes for your employees to find what they need. Let’s say that you are the owner of a warehouse that is extremely unorganized. You may not consider the organization as an important factor. But the workers who handle the products might suffer because, without proper labeling and tags, confusion might occur. Moreover, when the time comes to hand over the products to courier companies that offer pallet freight services, workers might send the wrong items for shipping. This could further lead to a chaotic situation, thereby hindering your business progress.

Health and Safety

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your working environment is safe. This means plenty of things in the warehouse should be inspected. For starters, look for any structural issues within the building. If you find any, consider calling an expert who can provide an immediate solution. Likewise, keep an eye out for exposed wires and faulty lighting problems that contribute to electrical fires. If any of these are found, then get in touch with an electrician in Manchester or wherever your warehouse is located to get them fixed.

Besides this, do not forget to hang clear signages and indicators–they are essential. For instance, the fire exit sign should be designed such that it can make sense to the employees. Plus, the emergency exit door should be marked with the right permanent stickers for easy identification. Likewise, wet floor signs to indicate spillage should be used. Any hazardous area should also be marked out.

Besides these, to make the most of your storage potential, choose spring-loaded varieties for extra convenience. These can easily fold up so require less square footage to store them when they aren’t needed. They’re also much more functional for workplaces that use a lot of heavy machinery. If they’re run over, they’ll simply spring back into position. You’ll also need to make sure you’re stocked up on hard hats, high-visibility jackets, and thermal grip gloves for the colder months of the year.

Preventing Injuries

Individuals working in a warehouse face a number of potential injuries. Lower back pain is one of the most common problems for those working in this kind of environment. Back support belts help prevent these types of problems by providing extra support to the individual while they’re lifting heavy objects. If you employ any staff in your warehouse, this is something you should consider investing in, as is additional training. It’s crucial that your staff are made aware of the proper way to handle dangerous equipment and how to act while on the job. Missteps will not only decrease productivity, but they could result in potential fatal scenarios.

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