How To Have The Best Wi-Fi For Your Business

How To Have The Best Wi-Fi For Your Business

More places than ever before offer free Wi-Fi for their customers and with positive results. Mainstream cafés like Costa and Starbucks provide unlimited free Wi-Fi for all their customers, which makes their establishments useful hubs for business people and budding writers. Free internet access makes guests more likely to stay for longer which can also result in them buying more items (coffee provides the fuel for a successful working day) and you should see you profits increase.

Although mobile networks do offer 3G and 4G data coverage for their customers, this is often not as reliable, fast or efficient. Plus, very few networks offer unlimited mobile data, the majority allow their customers a set amount before charging any usage in excess of that, before you know it, a number of extra charges are being clocked up on your monthly bill. Wi-Fi connections offer a much faster speed, they often provide a wider range of connectivity and aren’t as draining on the wallet.

Existing Equipment

Most existing Wi-Fi networks are already suitable for offering a guest feature that is safe for users to connect to. Many typical consumer routers offer a guess access feature, this will make the network appear visible on all smartphones, tablets and laptops when the user is looking to connect. For extra security, many businesses set up a network specifically for their guests which is then kept completely separate from any private networks.

Benefits Of A Leased Line

As fast and powerful as the internet is, it is not unusual for it to be slow and laggy during peak periods, especially in a highly populated areas like city centres. This is where many businesses benefit from the usage of a leased line. In most cases, one cable in the ground that supplies a number places at once, which can of course have a knock on effect on the service, whereas a leased line is dedicated for one place only, allowing a better, uninterrupted coverage. Although leased line costs can be higher than standard internet suppliers, the benefit they can offer far outweighs the initial cost and the service you receive is much smoother and more reliable.


There is a double edged sword to offering Wi-Fi to guests as they may come in, use the internet for hours, and never buy more than the one coffee. This is where many businesses ask their customers to accept a Terms of Service agreement before they’re allowed usage of the network. This can mean imposing time or bandwidth limits to the access, or even charging a small fee for usage of the service, and selling it just like it was any other product in their premises. This is known as a Wi-Fi hotspot access and is now very common in a number of different establishments all around the world and is a service that many customers have become familiar with.

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