How to make your office unique

How to make your office unique

With the cost of payroll and when it comes to attracting and retaining staff, good office design and a well fitted and kitted out office have never been so important. When it comes to making the difference to the success or failure of your company, bespoke office design and furniture couldn’t be more important. The world’s leading businesses (think Apple, Google and Facebook) all understand this and spend a significant amount of time and money ensuring that their offices are designed and fitted out in a way that supports and enhances their company and working environment. It’s time to transform your office space and see what a few tweaks and alterations can do for the productivity of your company.

Firstly, the best course of action is to establish a budget for your office design and fit, this was you can get a head start on the whole process and can choose which aspects you will need to prioritise on. This will also help you chosen office design professional to create an office design proposal that is I line with your budget and other aspirations. A good office designer will help you discuss you initial idea and help provide you with a budget fairly quickly. If you can’t find an office designer to suit your budget, why not get your employees involved? Ask your most creative team members to submit their ideas as they maybe be able to visualise furniture in a space in a way that you can’t.

Another thing to consider when it comes to office design and furniture is how you can keep your space looking unique and functional at the same time. Sound office design combines both science and emotion, combining the two to create a visual balance that looks good and feels inviting. A well-designed office space should communicate your brand identity and help to attract and retain the best quality staff and could even go as far as reducing your overall overhead costs in the long run! So whether you are looking for acoustic wall panels or interactive tables, be aware of your design concept and what you would like the office to ‘say’.

Great office design can really help to solve a multitude of problems when it comes to space and can transform a tired office environment into a rejuvenated and inspirational one. Other elements within the office space, not just decor, such as searching for the right online paper and janitorial supply store to purchase office supplies from is crucial when it comes to matching your office equipment to your fresh new workspace. Employers should be looking for a design solution that helps to fuel creativity- one of the ways that this can be achieved, for example, is through open, communal spaces. This will allow employees to move around the building or room and allows them to share their ideas and come up with solutions to problems through collaborative work. With an open plan design, you will need to create “zones” for independent work, group work, informal meetings, formal meetings and relaxation areas. This can all be done with the help of good lighting. For example, independent work and formal meeting zones will be lit directly and brightly to give better visibility and help provide stimulation and aid alertness. On the other hand, more informal, relaxed zones may be lit with multiple diffused lights to give off an inviting, warm glow, and the difference to other zones will be more obvious. It may not be something that people consciously notice, but it makes a massive difference. If your office needs someone to fit these lights for you, visit a site similar to for all your commercial electrical needs.

When thinking about your office space, try to always remember the fact that we spend a huge amount of time in our offices- about 1920 hours per year! You are also more likely to spend time with colleagues than loved ones, which really puts into perspective why a healthy and inviting office space is so imperative. It is believed that there are three aspects of work that make people happy to be there; working in a field you love, you like the people you work with and you are in a place where you feel comfortable. What you as an employee choose to do with your office space can be life altering for your employees. If you treat your office space as your second home and invest a little more into your furniture and d├ęcor, you are sure to reap the rewards from your employees in no time!

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