How to Tell When You’re onto a Real Winner

How to Tell When You’re onto a Real Winner

Look, we’re definitely not ones to entertain conspiracy theories, but sometimes the professional and extensive research we carry out suggests that some of these so-called conspiracies aren’t in fact theories. They’re as real as the air we breathe in more ways than one, i.e. they affect us even though we can’t quite see them with our own eyes.

Okay, we’re not talking about massive government cover-ups or anything of that sort, but rather just about how deceptive those who are in on some rich monetisation channels can be. Think about an institution such as a bank – banks are always so ready and willing to give financial advice to the masses, but just how much of that financial advice goes on to make whomever follows it to the tee wealthy?

“Invest your money with us over the long term for steady, safe growth,” they say, but do they tell you anything about just how much money they manage to make through yours and many others’ investments? They loan your money out and rake in big profits in the form of interests charged and yet do you as the actual owner of that money see anything significant by way of profit share?

Now if you turn your attention to the likes of the World Wide Web, where information is supposedly free, isn’t this one of the many channels through which we should all be getting empowered since all this useful info is so readily and freely available? Of course when you actually come to think of it you’ll realise that all this information which is readily and freely available isn’t as useful as it’s made out to be and if you want to take us up on that consider just why it is that an institution such as ours actually exists and thrives.

Information is worthless if you can’t do anything with it, so it’s all about possessing the skills to be able to interpret that info, otherwise you’ll be jumping on a bandwagon that is overcrowded by the fellow unsuspecting masses, headed very slowly to nowhere, really!

Amidst all the useless information however, some of it can be really valuable and again it comes down to how you source and interpret it. You don’t even have to complicate things by way of how you assess this notion, for example if you Google something like “best online betting platforms,” the results which rank the highest aren’t necessarily an indication that those platforms are indeed the best. It could very well just be an indication of those online betting platforms which spend a lot of resources on Search Engine Optimisation.

A savvy bettor would look beyond what the likes of the search engines suggest and look at the features which are offered by betting platforms such as 12BET in Taiwan, for example. If we can entertain a conspiracy theory just one more time to perhaps make a case in point, platforms such as these are banned and don’t operate in some countries, yet the people who impose those bans can very easily cross borders themselves and bet on the very same platforms which they had a hand in banning.

So that’s how you know you’re onto a winner – do as the financial advisors do and not so much as they say!

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