How Will Motorcycles Look In The Future?

How Will Motorcycles Look In The Future?

Right after World War Two, people were faced with the problems of getting around cheaply and easily and motorcycles became the answer to this dilemma. Before the present economic downturn, motorcycles were seeing their biggest and longest boom years in decades. In the good old days, motorcycle options were limited whereas now our choices are multiplied and accommodate any requirements, with people looking to buy going to this link, as well as a myriad of others, they are all completely different in design from their basic outlines when they first came into popularity.

Due to the many makes and models you can get your hands on in this day and age, more people are thinking about getting a motorcycle for themselves, so they can enjoy road trips, as well as having the opportunity to tour the streets with others who have the same passion. However, this could mean that more people will be using the road, and more accidents are likely to happen, and when they involve motorcyclists, this could have severe consequences. If you find yourself in an accident as a result of other people’s actions, you should get in touch with someone like this las vegas motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you can to receive compensation for your injuries. But if you follow the rules, you have the ability to ride any motorcycle that you can get your hands on – and there is a lot to choose from. Which leads us nicely to this question: where will motorcycles be in the future and what will they look like? If you love motorcycles why not take a look at the following exciting concepts for the motorcycles of the future?

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

BMW have recently disclosed their futuristic design concept for a motorcycle that is so safe, you won’t need to wear a helmet! This bike looks impressive and has some cool technology too- its frame means that when you turn the handlebar, the whole body of the machine moves rather than just the tires as is the case now. This removes the need for suspension and makes for smoother drive.

Victory Ignition

The idea about this motorcycle is more about the engine it will offer than the look of the bike itself. The new and improved 1200cc engine is cooled by liquid and needs to be housed within a pretty big body. It was due to be released last year, so who knows how much longer we will have to wait to see this beasty bike take to the road.


This one is an unusual concept as it is a one-wheel motorcycle and uses gyroscopic technology and an electric motor to keep you moving upright. Its top speed is only 10 miles per hour which does detract from its interesting and captivating concept. Its high cost meant this bike never made it to the market, which is just as well as many people can jog faster that the bike’s top speed!

Suzuki Biplane

The Suzuki biplane is a slim and opulent gold coasted motorcycle that contains a powerful engine that gives its rider a flying sensation. Sounds high tech!

Kawasaki J

The conventional form of motorcycling has been transformed by the introduction of Kawasaki’s Concept J in 2013. With adjustable arms and two front wheels, this motorcycle is meant to provide the best posture and positioning for a satisfying drive.

While we may have a while to wait before we can cruise away on one of the more advanced motorcycles mentioned above, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying your current model. In fact, some people prefer the classic motorcycles to the more futuristic ones. They may want a Harley Davidson to cruise on the highway while enjoying the breeze and the hum of the throttle. No matter how advanced technology can get, some of the classics can never go out of fashion. After all, what’s life without a little risk that comes with the thrill, right? While motorcycles in today’s world are not as advanced, riding them is all about the thrill of the journey and being able to feel free and unrestricted. Remember, however, to always ride an insured motorcycle and keep an eye out for some of the cheap motorcycle insurance deals available on the market currently.

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