Six things to think about before you move offices

Six things to think about before you move offices

Moving offices can be something very exciting for you and your staff. A change of environment can help rejuvenate staff, increase motivation and show that the company is improving. However, it’s worth remembering that changing your place of work can be expensive, time consuming and complicated.


So whether you are expanding, downsizing or just looking for something different from your office it is always vital for you to consider the details carefully. Here are six things you need to think about before making the decision to move.

Can you improve your current office instead?

Uprooting your office is a very drastic step for any business and comes with a huge range of potential snags and complexities. While for some businesses the need to move offices might be unavoidable it may also be the case that you could actually stay in the same place and simply make changes to the layout and structure of your office. You can do basic renovations like painting walls, changing furniture, upgrading floorings (perhaps with the help of a Commercial Gypsum Floor leveling company near your location), etc. You can also renovate building services like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc., to improve the resources for your employees. A few tweaks here and there and your old office will look anew.

For instance, it may be necessary to do a simple renovation of your office to create separate cabins for employees if there is a lot of unorganized space. For that, you can consider an office glass partition solution for your office, which can help you set up specific rooms for different tasks. Having said that, a simple renovation can make a world of difference to your working environment and boost staff morale without having to deal with the challenges of moving to a different office entirely.

When is the best time to move?

If you are leasing an office you might think that the sensible time to move is when your current lease runs out – but this isn’t always the case. You need to think about when your busiest times are and understand that moving offices can cause a huge amount of disruption for a long time. For most businesses, it is a much better idea to either extend your lease by a few months or consider leaving the old office empty for a short period of time so that you can move during a quieter period of the year.

Will the location be better or worse?

One of the most crucial things you need to think about when considering an office move is the new location. It can sometimes be easy to find somewhere that offers exactly what you are looking for from your office interior and just choose that, but if you don’t consider the implications of the location it can leave you with serious problems.

On the first level you need to consider how easy it is for your current staff to get there. Is there adequate parking on-site – and will it also be sufficient if you expand? You also need to think about whether there are good public transport links; without them everyone will need to drive which may not be possible.

How can you make it easy for employees?

While for many employees a change of offices could be a refreshing and exciting move, for others it brings trepidation. Some workers may have specific routines in place that allow them to get to work easily and that might no longer be possible with a change in location.

Consider having an open discussion with staff about general preferences for moving offices. Send out a company-wide survey so you can easily assess and deal with any common problems that staff might face with the move.

Who will do the planning?

Someone will need to be assigned to deal with the planning of the office move. Moves can be expensive and complicated, so there needs to be someone who is in control of the project ensuring that it stays on budget and on time. Whether this is done at senior management level or if senior managers are just there to consult, you need to choose a project leader who can be accountable.

Do you need dilapidations services?

When you leave an office that you have been leasing, it is important to return it to the same state it was in when your lease began. For some businesses that simply means removing furniture and other incidental items, but for others this can be a complicated job of taking out IT infrastructure, replacing decoration or removing partitions.

Many businesses would prefer to hire experts to deal with the works, rather than have to pay the extortionate dilapidation charges demanded by landlords. A commercial data company, for example, can help install cables and an audio-visual system that will keep your company running smoothly. If you know that your current office will need a lot of work done to it to return it to the way it was when you first moved in.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the property industry – working with a selection of companies including Sussex-based office fit-out and refurbishment specialist Complete Interior Design – who were consulted over the information contained in this piece.

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