Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Are you planning to study in a Nordic country? Read this!

Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Are you planning to study in a Nordic country? Read this!

Are you wondering if going abroad and studying in a Nordic country is a good idea? After reading this article, you will have no doubt that this is one of the best decisions you can make.

Scandinavian countries are best for students. Why is that?

Communication in English

When going abroad, we often worry whether we will be able find ourselves in a given culture and be able to communicate freely with the locals. However, when coming to Denmark, you don’t need to worry. This is because most Danes are fluent in English. You can easily arrange accommodation, ask for directions, or order food in a restaurant. This information should bring you relief, because many people have concerns about whether they will have to learn hard-to-pronounce Norwegian or Danish when studying in the Scandinavian countries. Fortunately, this is not the case.

International acquaintances

Knowledge and practice certainly count if you want to apply for a good job in the future. However, when building a professional career, the network of contacts is equally important. By meeting people from different countries (and this is what happens when you study in Copenhagen), you have countless opportunities to build your career not only at home but also abroad. The multiculturalism that you see while studying in Denmark allows you to open up and meet people from different cultures.

Greater career prospects

The mere fact that you have studied in a foreign country already speaks in your favour when applying for a job. It shows that you are brave and ready to face challenges. In addition, at the outset, the employer sees you as a person open to the world, sees new experiences thanks to which you can find yourself in a foreign environment. The soft skills that have just been mentioned are more important in the work environment than hard skills (because in fact most things can be learned). So, if the employer has to choose from two candidates with the same educational background, and one of them studied abroad, he will probably bet on the one who went for independence and was able to cope in a completely new reality.

Learning based on practice

In Scandinavian countries, studying has a very practical dimension. After graduating, you will not only be a titled theorist, but also a specialist who can apply their skills in a practical way in everyday work. Do you like to act and test your knowledge in real life? Apply for a place at a university in Denmark.

Free studies

The undoubted advantage of studying in Denmark or Sweden is the fact that it is free. So you can achieve a bachelor’s degree there or apply for a master’s degree without spending a penny. Usually, the government of the country where you live pays for your studies. However, in the case of residents of England or the Netherlands, students are obliged to cover the costs, e.g. from a previously arranged loan.

Why Copenhagen?

Studying in a foreign country only makes sense when you choose a prestigious university. And, without doubt, the University of Copenhagen is one of them. According to the 2018 Academic World Ranking, this university was first among all universities in Denmark and the Scandinavian countries. In addition, it took sixth place in the ranking of European universities and twenty-ninth place in the world. Its prestige is evidenced by the fact that it cooperates with universities such as the University of Oxford and Yale University.

What can you study at the University of Copenhagen? The offer is very diverse: from medical sciences to the humanities. You can study law or theology, develop your natural interests or specialize in medicine. It all depends on your interests and talents. In order to be admitted to the University, you must register through a special form on the university’s website. It is also necessary to provide a certificate of secondary education translated into English or Danish. Some departments also have their own entrance exams, and you must arrive on time.

Student accommodation – Copenhagen

Studying is not only about learning. It is also a lot of fun and the opportunity to experience many wonderful moments with your new friends. Where to look for friends in a completely unfamiliar city? Preferably in a dorm. There will always be someone there to help you when you forget to do your dinner shopping, who will share lunch with you and lift your spirits if you’ve had a bad day.

Where to look for this type of accommodation? In the Basecamp dorm. Why? This student apartment in Copenhagen stands out, mainly because it is generously equipped. And it’s not just about nicely finished rooms or the possibility of having your own kitchen. It is a large complex with its own library, fitness rooms, games rooms and a cinema – all that a young person needs to be happy. Study and workshop rooms allow you to focus on learning when the exams period approaches, and entertainment venues such as a games room can be used for evening gatherings with friends.

What is another big advantage of this type of dormitory? First of all, the proximity of the university. Basecamp South Campus Copenhagen is located close to the universities and the city centre of Copenhagen is easily reachable via a bicycle. There is no problem with renting it in Basecamp. Students have a library at their disposal, which they can use freely. The proximity of the metro and bus stops also speaks in favour of living in this place. If you get up late, you will be at the university in no time.

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