What Smart Startups Can Learn from Successful Privately-Held Companies

Privately-held companies can find great success in today’s business environment. If you’re just starting  out, here’s how to get up and running and learn from some of the most successful private companies.     Have a Unified Mission    Private companies can be more unified in their vision. Since they don’t serve outside shareholders, they  can focus on one thing: growing the business. With growth as a single focus, private companies tend to  be better managed when it comes to debt. They also have a history of outperforming their public  counterparts in terms of revenue and profits.     Make Use of Technology    Startups should make use of technology to automate tedious tasks and processes, streamline communication, and leverage data to make better decisions. For example, setting up a data center (with the aid of technicians like Walt Coulston) can help startups securely

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