The Top 5 Technologies and Gadgets that have had the biggest Impact on Business

It is fair to say that the vast majority of organisations today are completely reliant on technology in some way. But over the past 20 years or so, the business world has been completely transformed as a result of state-of-the-art gadgets and trailblazing computer systems.

With this in mind, here is a look at some of the top technologies and gadgets that have had the biggest impact on business.

The internet

Never before has there been such an extensive and prosperous platform for businesses to take advantage of. Thanks to the Internet, any organisation can sell and market its goods or services on a global scale.

But in spite of the incredible opportunities that exist, succeeding online is easier said than done due to considerable competition from companies wanting to reap the same rich rewards.


For some companies, smartphones remain an unwanted distraction in the workplace. For others, they are an essential communication and computing device, capable of receiving crucial emails, monitoring stock market activity, accessing work documents, and staying in touch at all times.

However, the incredible multitasking ability of most smartphones might not have come to fruition if other influential devices like the iPod, which you can buy at Tesco, and satellite navigation systems didn’t push technology in the right direction.

The cloud

Security concerns may have hampered its widespread adoption at first, but since the development of Multi-Cloud Security features from somewhere like Fortinet ( that has helped to keep the server as safe and secure as possible, countless companies now see the cloud as indispensable. With the ability to share and access private information at any time and from anywhere, cloud computing can noticeably increase productivity levels for any business.

Furthermore, the cloud can bring about greater collaboration, better communication, and open up more remote working possibilities. In turn, this can reduce an organisation’s overheads and improve profit margins.

PC Tesco

Images by archie4oz, used under Creative Commons license

Although several workplaces still use desktop computers, the same level of performance can be provided by laptops. All the while, these ultra-portable machines are much more versatile and flexible to the ever-changing needs of your average office environment.

In the not too distant future, laptops may even be replaced by touchscreen tablets, which are becoming increasingly capable, can still feature essential peripherals like keyboards but are easier and more engaging to interact with.

Social media

While social networks like Facebook and Twitter are great for keeping in touch with friends or discovering the latest news stories, they have also proven to be incredibly effective from a marketing perspective.

In addition to connecting and interacting with customers in real time, businesses have access to an untold amount of information regarding audience location, interests, and demographics.

Although some believe that technology has shut down certain industries and contributed to the downfall of various professions, a study by Deloitte recently revealed that technology has actually created more jobs than it has destroyed.

The amazing feats that today’s devices are capable of completing can only be a good thing for business going forward.

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