Website trends that you should watch out for in 2016 – Staying aware of the bigger picture

Website trends that you should watch out for in 2016 – Staying aware of the bigger picture

If you’re an online marketing or a web design professional, you would know the importance of following trends. Something that you followed a year back and thought it would remain for a year or two is now considered as backdated. This is in fact the nature of the entire web designing industry as there are too many trends and styles that keep changing from time to time and it is the duty of a web designer to update himself and his skills accordingly. If you’re serious about creating your niche in the industry, you have to ensure changing your pattern as per the ever-evolving trends and hence here are a few trends for the web designers that they may follow in 2016. Check them out.


Bidding goodbye to rotating banners

There are many websites which have used rotating banners throughout the last few years as a method for providing imagery, content and movement on a home page while not having to overwhelm the users with too many things to view at the first glance. Gradually it is getting more apparent and noticeable that people don’t wish to notice the banners and they can well skip the actual content. This phenomenon is called banner blindness and it has developed as a result of online advertising saturation. You may now expect to see such banners replaced with high resolution full-screen background images or videos as this is emerging as the latest trend.

Amalgamation of desktop and mobile patterns

There were too many companies who rolled out their responsive websites to make sure their users had a commendable experience both on desktops, mobile devices and tablets. If 2015 was considered as the year of mobile growth, 2016 is going to be the year of blending elements which are usually seen on mobiles with designs of desktops. This trend has already started appearing on designing platforms like Squarespace.

Long scrolls will recur again

If you’re into web designing for a long time now, you should know that placing all the vital parts of the site above the fold is all but a myth nowadays. Almost all of us are now used to long scrolls, thanks to our mobile devices. This is a trend which will be particularly useful for those websites which plan to lure their visitors through their storytelling approach. It is possible to copy a multi-page site by just breaking the scroll into a few clear sections.

Using hero images to grab attention of highest number of eyeballs

We all know that vision is perhaps the strongest sense and this is why there is this new trend of adding HD hero images in order to grab the attention of the largest number of users. Thanks to the advances in data compression and bandwidth, users nowadays won’t suffer due to slow loading times.

Hence, if you wish to know more on web designing and the latest trends, you may visit WebCentral and follow them in order to create your own niche in the online marketing industry.

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