What Is The Best Industry For Buying Shares In?

What Is The Best Industry For Buying Shares In?

Thousands of people all around the world are regularly trading on the stock market. This is where investors buy shares in a specific company or industry, and the value of these shares can rise or fall over the course of the financial year depending on the performance of the company. Shares can also be sold on at any time for their new value. This means a trader can stand to make a tidy profit if they buy shares in a company which then performs well. Alternatively, they could stand to sell their shares at a loss if the industry hasn’t had a great year. With a number of different industries in the world, it can be difficult to choose where to invest your money as a first time trader. Fortunately we have narrowed down the top industries for you.  


There are more and more cars on our roads than ever before and with the industry busier than ever before, now could be a prime opportunity for investment. Earlier this summer, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, which has left huge questions surrounding their involvement in the single market after Article 50 has been invoked. German car manufacturers like BMW and Audi sell more of their cars to the United Kingdom than anywhere else in the world. This means that they desperately need to retain the custom of the UK at any cost. Meanwhile, Japanese manufacturer Nissan have one of their manufacturing factories located in Sunderland. Nissan see the Brexit result as the prime opportunity to boost their business in the UK, making them a great opportunity to consider buying shares.


United States President-elect Donald Trump made his fortune in the hotel and casino industry, in fact it’s impossible to visit Las Vegas without seeing the outline of his hotels on the horizon. The fact of the matter is that people are still travelling all over the world on a daily basis. Through cost compare websites it is very easy to book a last minute flight to anywhere in the world at a bargain price. Furthermore, a huge amount of business is conducted abroad, and all of these travelling business people need somewhere to stay. Hotels may have peak seasons for their custom, but they will never be out of business.


There was a time when there was key seasons when the film industry would do the best business. Jaws redefined the industry in June 1975 when it made $470 million at the box office from a $9 million budget, coining the term ‘Summer Blockbuster’. In the modern era there are big money movies coming out every month of the year, and as we know what films are coming out when, we can easily predict when the big money will be made. Disney have a clear business strategy with a new Star Wars film set to be released every Christmas decade. Marvel have scheduled their movies for the next three years including a new Spider-Man outing and an Avengers sequel, DC have Justice League and a solo Ben Affleck Batman movie in the pipeline, plus JK Rowling has revisited the Harry Potter universe with a new series called ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’. The movie industry is set to be very busy over the next few years and there is lots of money to be made.

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