What will the future hold for cars and what could be the best?

What will the future hold for cars and what could be the best?

In technology, the latest advancements is only as good as the next thing coming down the line and the auto-industry is constantly seen as an enigma, a sight of wonder and things seemed to be reaching our expectations as the industry is constantly bringing us new technologies, whether it be safer, environmental or useful, new innovations are slowly becoming apparent. With all this new technology slowly transforming our cars, one wonders how this will affect our insurance. With driverless cars, surely that will an effect on the insurance in some way?  Whatever the case make sure you obtain quick car insurance and always look for the best quotes because the fast rate cars are changing, I wouldn’t be surprised our insurances will be quickly effected too.

We have always wondered what the future has instore for our cars, ever since seeing the Jetson and Back to the Future have we constantly been fuelled with the possibility of the unreachable, however things are slowly becoming closer to reach:

Hands-free driving – worse

It’s predicted that in 2050 all cars will be self-driving. Companies are working on concepts allowing cars to cruise along the motorway without the driver’s interference. For me I am unsure whether this is safer or not, but some believe that driving like this is to get much safer due to less human errors and much more efficient in addition to more centralised traffic controls being implemented. See I don’t know if this will bold well with driver’s as most like to be in control and may find it uneasy just watching the car do things for itself.

Cars that talk to one another –best  

There are already certain apps out there such as Waze that allow drivers to alert others to traffic jams or accidents. It won’t be long till cars automatically contribute to a shared mesh of traffic and routing information through vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems. This technology could prove to be a positive as it is expected that the communication being produced will prevent significant fewer accidents each year.

Morphing motors – worse

People value flexibility, it is noticeable from the use of our smartphones and laptops, so will people feel the same joy if it comes with their car?  The image at the moment is that the commuter of the future may have a personal mobility portfolio with the car being one part of it. You’ll have the actual car there for those pleasurable drives but with the internet being as strong as ever, there is a possibility that you could hail a self-driving shared vehicle with a social-media friend who is going to the same or nearby destination.

Digital Frontier –best  

The world is becoming more and more digital as the days go by and it goes without saying that personal mobility will become more of a service. Companies such as Google have already recognised this and have plans for more digital orientated cars. Some of these ‘digital’ companies believe that our cars need to serve us in different ways and already there are some car companies working with Apple to integrate Siri into automobiles.

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