Why Most People Just Can’t Crack the Online Money-Making Game

“Make money online” is probably still the most searched phrase processed by the major search engines, yet this search probably still has the least amount of relevant results. In fact, the mere act of typing this phrase into a search engine already stacks the odds of any success against you because this approach puts you on the other side of the “make money online” fence, so to speak. If you search for ways through which to make money online by Googling this phrase, chances are the guys who really make money online make money off of people like you!


Think about it – if you have used this approach before and you’ve even been burnt a couple or more times, someone, somewhere either successfully managed to get you to part with your money or they at least tried their level best to do so. You and many others are in the same boat, and it is this desire you harbor to make money online on which the guys who make the real money online prey. If you’ve never explored the world of valuable “programs,” insightful “e-books,” empowering “systems,” enlightening “masterminds”, or even “casino online” to provide answers to your online money-making questions, you’re missing out on an exciting opportunity for personal and financial growth.

In the end, whether you’re considering an online money-making scheme, always do your research, set limits, and be mindful of the risks involved. The digital world offers opportunities, but it also demands vigilance to avoid falling into traps.”

The Quick-Fix Revolving Door

The truth is most people will never be able to say that they’ve truly cracked the online money-making game, quite simply because what is nothing short of a fraudulent system keeps getting perpetuated to the point where it’s the type of institution which has become acceptable to a certain degree. After you’ve completed that payment for the “revolutionary” new online money-making system that has you convinced you’re just a purchase away from raking in big bucks online, the buyer’s remorse gives way to a desire to get even, even though that flavour of “getting even” is misdirected. You very quickly realise that in order to recuperate your investment and perhaps take things a step further and start making money online, you are required to advertise and sell the exact same “system” or product you were tricked into buying.

So the online money-making game is in effect quite heavily rigged to resemble more of a paid recruitment scheme, or a full-on pyramid scheme to be honest. It’s about getting in first and then suckering the next eager soul to buy a very useless “programme” which in itself could never make anybody any money online.

Most people fall by the way side and get sucked into this misty world of making money online, when they don’t realise that in order to make money online they have to get active in legitimate business models that operate online. You don’t even have to look far; everyday examples such as the likes of the M88 online gambling platform (and sports betting) demonstrate the simple act of taking a real-world activity, product or service and then simply putting it online. There are many other examples, such as e-commerce stores, marketing and advertising services, etc., all of which just require a digital recreation of something which already exists in the physical world.

The barriers to entry are only a coding course away, or you could hire a programmer on a profit-sharing basis. Whatever; that’s how you make money online — by providing tangible services or selling legitimate products, not by buying and then selling some online money-making programme which is never really clear about how you’d be making money online in the first place.

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