Working in gaming industry

Working in gaming industry

Working in the gaming industry usually means moving out to exotic places and working in the sun. There are of course expectations, but for the most part, online casinos are located in places such as Curacao, Malta, and Gibraltar. As the market is growing elsewhere as well, a good reference point is usually Europe as people over there have been relentlessly growing the whole industry since the very beginning of 2000s.

Gaming industry offers various different opportunities to work with and some of them (even most of them) won’t require any previous experience from the industry. These roles can be for example fraud and payment departments that handle the day-to-day money transfers and security-related documents (player IDs etc.) to customer service roles that deal with customers directly. Other roles may involve developing or testing new game features, or even marketing and business analysis. Depending on their skill set, individuals can apply to Gaming Industry Jobs From OPM Jobs and the ones alike.

Customer support and other entry level jobs

Customer support is the most common step to start your career in the gaming industry. If you’re planning to start your career, you should lower your expectations a bit. We don’t mean that you should do them towards the industry, but towards the fact that no matter what your education is, you most likely have to start as customer support in order to get your foot in. Don’t worry, most of the online casinos you might end up working, at are modern-day companies with fast-paced career options and easy migrations between different departments. It’s not that uncommon for talented people to move on from the support department after a few months of working. If your employer isn’t respecting the hard work you’re putting in, it’s time to rethink your choices and maybe get on the hunt for a new job.


Affiliates aren’t usually on the payroll of any companies, but they are working for online casinos within the gaming industry. Affiliates usually focus to generate traffic and he or they will be paid usually in commissions. A good way to check what affiliate sites usually look like is to visit From there, you’re not only going to see how the affiliate system works, but you can also see multiple different online casinos and how they are presented.

If you want to become an affiliate, the start is always the hardest part. Affiliate business usually needs good networks and connections to get things rolling. The most common career path for affiliates is through online casinos where you gain the network and the knowledge.


If you’re a fan of sports and betting, you’d probably love your time inside the sportsbook department. You pick any online casino and its sportsbook department, and you’d probably find a bunch of guys talking about sports all day. Well maybe that’s not completely true, but 99% out of those people who work within sportsbooks are avid fans of different sports and betting.

You can also start your own business as a bookie by investing in sportsbook software, where you might only have to pay per head for active players. In this business, you may have to help your clients place bets on sports teams and players where the potential of making profits is highest. But if you have a good understanding of sports betting, this could become your dream career where you get to spend the whole day watching, analyzing, and talking about sports.

For every sports fan out there, if you ever want to feel you love your job, try and get one in the sportsbook. Traders, analysts, sales, you name it. There are various different roles within this department.

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