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Top 5 Equipment Financing Companies in America

Every single company requires money to buy the equipment they need but not all companies have the capital to do so. This is where financing comes into play. With the help of financing companies, a business is able to afford the equipment they need. Between finding the right advisors, to finding the right financing companies, the process can be a little hectic, but it’s worth it. The money that you save on direct equipment purchases can now be allocated to better investments on products that are worth more or that can be easily liquidated.

If you’re wondering where you should go to find the best equipment financing companies, we’ve compiled a few for you below.

The Most Competent Equipment Financing Companies

Charter Capital

Consider starting with Charter Capital as one of your trusted equipment financing companies. This is a family owned business that has a total of 40 years in the industry. They are competent and they always have your best interest at heart. In fact, they have such high customer satisfaction that 65% of their clients are repeat customers. Charter Capital acts as both a financing company and a consultant. They will guide you through the murky waters of the commercial financing industry. At Charter Capital, their goal is to help your business grow through a safe and clean method of equipment acquisition.

National Funding

National Funding is another reliable equipment financing company that offers deferred payment options that can either be seasonal, quarterly, or skipped payment plans. Of course, throughout your financing process you will be partnered with a loan specialist to ensure that you are making insightful choices that will enable you to achieve your goal through the financing procedure. This loan specialist will have specific and professional knowledge about your industry.

Reliant Funding

Reliant Funding specializes in small business financing. They are well known in the industry for their fast approval time rate, their simplified application process, and their flexible payment options. They truly stand out because they are extremely fast to deliver results. If applied online, the company claims to have applications approved in less than 30 seconds. After approval you will also be partnered with a representative that is knowledgeable about financing and funds will be received in less than a single day.

Crest Capital

Crest Capital offers a great step-up plan that is not available with most of these other financing companies on the market. This means that your company will pay less during the first few payment periods while payments can increase during the later months. At the end of your financing plan, you are guaranteed purchase agreements that promises your ability to purchase the equipment at its original price without inflation since the beginning of your financing process.

CIT Direct Capital

Offering loans up to $1 million dollars, CIT Direct Capital is a great candidate that will help you finance expensive equipment no matter what you decide on. We all know that equipment comes with an extremely hefty price tag. This price tag is guaranteed to fluctuate after you purchase the equipment, either rising or depreciating in the long run.

Keep Researching

Still unsure about which company to look at for equipment financing? There are so many financing companies out there that you should have no doubt about finding the best fitting company that will meet all your financing needs!

Working in gaming industry

Working in gaming industry usually means moving out to exotic places and working in the sun. There are of course expectations, but for the most part, online casinos are located in places such as Curacao, Malta and Gibraltar. As the market is growing elsewhere as well, a good reference point is usually Europe as people over there have been relentlessly growing the whole industry in the very beginning of 2000’s. 

Gaming industry offers various different opportunities to work with and some of them (even most of them) won’t require any previous experience from the industry. These roles can be for example fraud and payment departments that handle the day to day money transfers and security related documents (player ID’s etc.). That kind of education can be acquired elsewhere and put into good use within gaming industry.

Customer support and other entry level jobs

Customer support is the most common step to start your career in gaming industry. If you’re planning to start your career, you should lower your expectations a bit. We don’t mead that you should do them towards the industry, but towards the fact that no matter what your education is, you most likely have to start as a customer support in order to get your foot in. Don’t worry, most of the online casinos you might end up working, are modern day companies with fast paced career options and easy migrations between different departments. It’s not that uncommon for talented people to move on from the support department after few months of working. If you’re employer isn’t respecting the hard work you’re putting in, it’s time to rethink your choices and maybe get in the hunt for a new job.


Affiliates aren’t usually on the payroll of any companies, but they are working for online casinos within the gaming industry. Affiliates usually focus to generate traffic and he or she will be paid usually in commissions. A good way to check what affiliate sites usually look like is to visit www.pureudupeliin.com. From there you’re not only going to see how the affiliate system works, but you can also see multiple different online casinos and how they are presented.

If you want to become an affiliate, the start is always the hardest part. Affiliate business usually needs good networks and connections to get things rolling. The most common career path for affiliates is through online casinos where you gain the network and the knowledge.


If you’re a fan of sports and betting, you’d probably love your time inside sportsbook department. You pick any online casino and their sportsbook department and you’d probably find bunch of guys talking about sports all day. Well maybe that’s not completely true, but 99% out of those people who work within sportsbook are avid fans of different sports and betting. For every sports fan out there, if you ever want to feel you love your job, try and get one in sportsbook. Traders, analysts, sales, you name it. There are various different roles within this department.

How Mis-Sold Pension Will Help You in Cherish SIPP Claim

Sipp is an abbreviation standing for Self Invested Personal Pension. It’s a self-invested personal annuity scheme that enables you to take advantage of several kinds of outlays contrary to most standard annuities. Instances of mis-sold SIPP’s are growing every month as more Mis-Selling is exposed. The number of SIPP complaints and mis-sold annuities reported to Financial Ombudsman Service has increased by seventy-seven percent in the past one year. Between April to June 2017, over five hundred new SIPP instances have been registered to the FOS. The cases have risen to nine hundred and twenty-two representing seventy-seven percent growth for a similar period in 2018. The basis for the excessive number of SIPP demands is because most backers have discovered they had lost or stand to lose vast sums of money which will affect their retirement kitty. SIPP demands are made against an individual who offered you with the counseling. It could be your SIPP provider or financial counselor. In instances where there is bankruptcy involved, the request is made through the Financial Service Compensation scheme against the counselor or the provider.

What’s a mis-sold SIPP?

A mis-sold SIPP means that you were offered inappropriate counseling. The dangers were not shown to you, and you were not provided the all the needed information to assist you in making a conclusive determination, and this resulted in you making outlays that aren’t right for you. Just like any other annuity plan, there are some financial counselors and SIPP providers who took advantage of such plans. Many people were told to fund their cash in overseas outlays, storage pods and property & habitat which occasioned them to lose vast sums of money.

Cherish mis-sold SIPP.

Were you a customer of Cherish wealth management? Had you lost cash? The Cherish wealth management  is one good example of a mis-sold SIPP. The Cherish company was an independent firm of financial counselors that offered some consumers bad counseling. Several individuals lost money from outlays or annuities that they were counseled to follow through the firm. Some clients had obtained guidance from them to fund in high risk unchecked outlays like SIPP investment in property and forestry outlays. The issue is that some of these outlays are uncontrolled by the Financial Conduct Authority, and anything could occur to your cash. Due to claims lodged against it, the firm has today gone into liquidation.

If you’re a victim that had lost cash by financing in Cherish SIPP, then you’re entitled to make a demand, because you were mis-sold this outlay. Fortunately mis-sold pension is a firm that will assist you in requesting back what you’re owed.

How to make a Cherish mis-sold SIPP request.

Like any other monetary request, the mis-sold SIPP request procedure is marked by complicated legal processes, hard points to be disputed, dismissed, or promoted as well as taking many months before payment is approved. Even though each instance of SIPP Mis-selling is distinct, mis-sold pension claims professions have the required knowledge, strategy, and experience to make the whole request procedure as smooth. Here are some crucial steps they’ll follow to guarantee that your Cherish mis-sold SIPP request is successful.

step1: provide them your contact details.

All that you’ll to do is visit their site. From there, you’ll have to finish filling in a simple online question form. When filling in the form, ensure you furnish them with all the accurate details. This is to enable them to get back to you in the shortest time possible.

Step 2: They’ll call you back.

Once they receive the question form one of their mis-sold SIPP request specialists will get back to you. He’ll ask you a few queries to evaluate the chance of any Cherish SIPP Mis-selling, and your capacity to make a request and make a case.

Step 3: filing a lawsuit

If the claims specialist is satisfied that you have a reasonable argument, he’ll assist you in filling a SIPP complainant with your SIPP provider or financial provider. The firm’s experts will handle any complicated or hard procedures and paperwork on your behalf. The company’s mis-sold request specialists have handled numerous SIPP request cases before effectively. Therefore, they’ll ensure that all the paperwork is finished accurately and that all legal processes are followed to avert your request from getting declined.

Step 4: collecting evidence

The firm’s pension request specialists will collect all the essential proof required to confirm your case. They’ll also assist you to produce a robust Cherish SIPP request case and add enough evidence to increase your likelihood of obtaining a rightful payment. The firm’s specialists will then corporate with your SIPP provider or financial counselor by writing letters, making calls and mostly working tirelessly for your request to be approved.

Step 5: Receive your payment

If your claim is accepted, they’ll guarantee that your payment is dispatched to you in the shortest time possible.

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If your aim is to be a landlord with several let properties under your belt, there are several ways to support yourself on this venture

Whether your dreams involve buying a home, funding a business venture, renovating a dilapidated building or becoming a successful landlord, you may find that high street lenders feel that your potential purchase or mortgage application is simply too risky to consider. This is where bridging finance is becoming a popular alternative. … read more

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3 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Practices

Hiring as a small business is no minor thing. You have to ensure that each hire works out well. A bad new recruit can drag the morale of an SME down and demotivate other staff. Alternatively, sometimes they aren’t a great fit with the culture of the company which is also something to look out for.

Here are three ways to improve your current hiring practices to get better results.

Recruiting the Right People

Using better quality hiring agencies that have local knowledge and a passion for what they do is extremely helpful. When they’re not just going through the motions of filling positions with a likely candidate but instead are focused intently on finding just the right person for your business, better hires are likely to follow.

If you need to find temp services to cover a short absence or a maternity leave, then look at Corporate Job Bank, which provides temp services in Phoenix, Arizona. They’ve been operating since 1985 and are now the largest staffing agency in Arizona that’s owned by a local person. Because of this, they’re more hands-on and know the area and the local employers extremely well. This makes all the difference in finding people that can not only do the job but also who will mesh with the company’s culture.

Prepare Standard Operating Procedures

Having pre-prepared standard operating procedures (SOP) that lay out each task needed to be completed in a role is very important. Most employers fail to have an SOP for each position. Even the ones that do have an SOP fail to keep it updated and relevant.

For new recruits, expecting them to dive into the deep end and not drown isn’t a realistic expectation. Everyone has their preferred way to learn. Having things explained in person isn’t always going to work because some people need to learn tasks through repetition to get it.

By having SOPs for each job, the company helps every new employee understand what is expected of them and how to get each part of the job done right. It cuts out the guessing game. As a result, they get up to speed faster. There’s also a correspondingly higher success rate on recruitment this way.

Assign Someone to Make New Hires Feel Welcome

While the person who’s leaving probably has some overlap and is able to assist the new recruit, that’s not always the case. It’s a good idea to have someone who’ll still be around a week from their first day on the job to assist them.

It shouldn’t be necessary to hand-hold someone who has experience, but there are still questions that any new person will have and perhaps feel embarrassed to ask. Rather than leaving them floundering, it’s useful to discuss with them if there’s anything they’re unsure of either with the company or their job specifically.

Doing this systematically avoids a situation where someone had a problem, was afraid to ask and no one offered open-ended assistance which would have rooted out what the issue was. Not doing so sometimes leads to a failed hire.

Getting recruiting procedures right is difficult. Everyone is their own person with unique needs. However, the more suitable the new hire is for the company and the type of work they’ll be completing, and with a good support mechanism, hiring needn’t be so challenging.

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